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Bonjour Sylvain, Par défaut l’accès à l’administration d’un site WordPress se fait en ajoutant wp-admin à la fin de l’URL et ce n’est un secret pour personne, surtout pas les Hackers pour lesquels WordPress est une cible privilégiée avec pas loin de 80 millions de sites. Parmi les.

We mark the box that says "Yes, please hide WP Admin from the user when they are logged in" on this page, and then we write the extension you want to change in the input field below. Once you’ve saved changes made, you can now access the administration panel using the extension you have changed How to change the WordPress admin panel access.

Also, while you’re in your file manage/FTP/SFTP look in the root WordPress folder of the effected website for the file “wp-login.php” if this file is missing or corrupted, it will disable all login forms and prevent access to your wordpress admin panels. If that file is missing or corrupted, you will need to re-install WordPress to get a.

I can’t access my site via wp-admin. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 4 months ago.

its not in any of the wp-admin, includes or content folders, not in root folder either, could this be the problem to not access the login page? – reachkelly Nov 9 ’12 at 7:50 | show 1 more comment. 7 Answers active oldest votes. 7. Try disabling all your plugins by moving or deleting them from your /wp-content.

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