Google Photo Reconnaissance Visage

E&T reverse-engineered an online facial-recognition system and revealed how the trend towards facial-recognition-supported.

The Japanese space startup ispace is launching a new "Blueprint Moon" data analysis service on top of its plans for private.

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Geolocation is not just useful for investigations involving current events. The same techniques that we use to geolocate.

The use of National Guard reconnaissance planes in four U.S. cities to monitor the widespread protests earlier this year didn.

NASA Mars rover launches: a closer look at its record-breaking cameras – The NASA Mars Perseverance Rover has successfully launched – and it’s carrying a record number of cameras to help it hunt for.

OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence, and it is one of the key aspects in understanding the cyber-security on the internet and the information era.

A video doorbell is the perfect gadget to start with if you want to start converting your house into a smart home. Video.

A bearded Rihanna gyrates and sings about shining bright like a diamond. A female Jack Sparrow looks like she’d be a right.